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Don’t Be A Schmuck – Invest In Mobile

In November, 2014, Forrester released a report the predicted in 2015, we’re going to see a dire lack of investment in mobile and quality mobile experiences. Specifically, the report predicted that “Mobile-shifted marketers will transform their brands’ customer experiences and drive business outcomes by taking a sophisticated approach that focuses on how to activate mobile experiences. Success stories will be few in number” (emphasis mine). So the question for marketers, and the question we’re going to (attempt) to answer in this post is: how do you ensure that you and yours are one of the few?

Is Your Funnel Leaking? 7 Signs You’re Losing Sales

There’s nothing worse than a leaky sales funnel. All that work (and resources) that go into getting someone to morph from a prospect to a lead, only to wither on the vine makes many a marker burst into tears. Fortunately, funnel leaks are no longer just a part of the business (well, they are, because […]

Why Email Is The Core To Multichannel Success

Multichannel is the glorious dream of marketers. Synchronized messages, brand identity, experiences, and offers, across every single channel, tailored to each customer. A combination of cross-channel integration, big data (and big data analytics), timely brick-and-mortar offering and messaging, multichannel is essentially the entire marketing arsenal concentrated in one place. The goal? A consistent marketing experience […]